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Responsive Web Design

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Gen Soft is a prominent solution provider that has established itself through web, mobile application, and software development. Our timeliness and high standards have gained us global recognition. Flexibility and consideration of our clients’ requirements are the highlights of our services. Responsive Web Design, the latest buzzword in web technology, is one of the software solutions that we offer to our customers.

What exactly is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is used for creating websites that could be viewed on any device, from a PC to a smartphone. It is a middle ground between the fluid and the static routes that web designers had been using thus far. The images and layouts in Responsive Web Design are both flexible. Responsive Web Design has spared web designers the trouble of creating a separate website each for different devices like tablets, smartphones, e-readers etc. all of whom have different screen resolutions and work on different browsers.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design offers several advantages that include:

  • Once you opt for Responsive Web Design, people will be able to gain access to your website at any hour of the day. A lot of people today surf the Net while they are on the move. If you fail to tap these potential customers, your business will suffer and your competitors will have an edge over you. Therefore, it will be advisable to revamp your website right away and make it suitable to be viewed on any device.

  • It is a given that websites meant for mobile devices aren’t as good as those that are designed for PCs. They usually lack proper navigational features. Responsive Web Design has offered a solution to this problem. The experience of browsing a website created through Responsive Web Design on a mobile device could well be akin to that of visiting the same site on a PC.

  • Lastly, SEO will always be a factor that could prompt you to have a website based on Responsive Web Design. Through Responsive Web Design, you will have just a single website with a set of links. There won’t be any redirects that will adversely affect site speed, put more strain on the server and cause maintenance problems.

Why Choose gen-soft for Responsive Design

You’ll get a dedicated account manager and team for real-time maintenance & support during entire project execution.

We offer flexible engagement models for our clients. You can get independently verified customer reviews.

Our professionals with great industry knowledge & years of expertise ensure that your business reaches unrivaled position & sets a new level of success.

Our developers adhere strictly to international coding guidelines & standards, quality, and timely project delivery

Our project solutions offer seamless integration with other codes and APIs. You are bound to get the best value for money with us

Prior to starting the development process, our project managers will thoroughly discuss your goals & requirements to ensure that you get the precise solution what you paid for